Picture a Day for Windows 10


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Picture a Day is totally new way to become creative using your phone camera and a time machine for your pocket.With this app you create your own short movies with just anything. Take a picture of your face every morning and see how you look like through a whole week! Take a picture of your favorite tree every week and watch it growing! Take a picture of your children every day and watch them getting older!Of course you can also create classic stop motion movies.Key features:o Manage different profiles with different settingso Set a automatic reminder for every profileo Use the build in grid and the innovative "ghostmode" to take more accurate and matching pictureso Built-in movie playero Facebook-integrationo Save the images to your media library and export them to create your own movie fileso Pin your Picture a Day profiles to your startpage for fast accesso and much more..Go and create your own picture timeline - now!

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